Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management

Human resource management is changing, and people realize that traditional methods of managing the workforce are no longer working. This has resulted in coming up with new and inventive ways of managing human resources to achieve results.

Emerging trends

Organization structure

Traditionally, the organization was organized in a hierarchy with structures like top management, middle management, supervisors and subordinate staff. This form of organizational structure is now gvfwerdf52t6ey272changing. Instead of creating a hierarchy, the focus is now based on creating networks, this will ensure that all people will feel that they are working as a team. Networks do not classify people according to ranks but according to teams.

Talent sourcing

Sourcing of talent has always been local, looking for people who fit for the job locally. This perception is now changing, and organizations are now looking for talent globally. Organizations are now going an extra mile in trying to look for talent on a global scale and not limiting themselves to what is available locally.

Use of technology

Unlike other organizations aspects like customer care, sales, accounting, and inventory, the human resource has not incorporated the use of technology. It is now being argued that the use of technology in human resource is also important. Organizations are now trying to come up with human resource solution that will be available online. Organizations now are looking for ways to make it possible for employees to access human resource information online through mobile apps.

Work expectations

Most people are known to work for the money with no purpose or reason as to why they are looking. Human resource professionals are now looking for ways to change this mentality. Organizations are gv34er52t627227now empowering people to have some sense of purpose while working apart from the expected monetary rewards that come with the job. Employees are now looking to create a purpose and impact in the work they are doing.

The process of change

Organizations now realize that coming up with big transformation programs does not work anymore. This is because employees are likely to be resistant to big change especially if they have not been informed. Most of the time employees feel left out in important organization decisions. Organizations are now looking for ways of coming up with small gradual experiments that will effect change in the long run. This makes employees feel that they are part of the process and in this way, they are no longer resistant to the process of change.