Since most job openings are usually not advertised, it is very important to know about networking and how it can assist you in finding employment in the hidden job market. In this article, we shall discuss on how to use professional and personal relationships to open doors to hidden opportunities in the job market.

Reasons why a hidden job market exists

It is often easier for employers to hire people connected to someone within their network. If you are referred to a particular hv52r4erd5t27d7uemployer by someone they trust, hiring you over a complete stranger can be a lot less risky. Additionally, they won’t have to go through the hassle of interviewing people, sifting through numerous CVs, advertising the job and then eventually hiring a complete stranger. That’s why it is important to use your connections to inquire about any potential job opportunities.

What is networking?

A network is a group of people that you are connected to through work, friends, family and education. This group of people is a crucial resource that can be of great help in finding a job. Good networkers are comfortable holding conversations with people and never try too hard to sell themselves.

Using your network

Once you succeed identifying people in your network, contact them individually so that they are aware you are looking for a job and also ask whether they know of any job vacancies. They might not know of any available opportunities right away, but it’s good to put the fact that you are seeking a job opportunity on their radar.

One major benefit of networking is that the people in your network have other networks of their own. When talking with people in your network, try asking them if they know of other people you could talk to concerning a job opportunity.


An excellent way to gain work experience, acquire new skills and meet new people is through volunteering. Plenty of groups and associations can help you meet certain people in a particular area of interest.

Contacting potential employers

Create a list of places where you’d wish to work or the people you’d prefer working for. Look for their contact information online and in case they don’t have a job posting section on their website, you can contact the hiring manager to discuss any potential job openings.

Informational interviews

One convenient way of gathering more information about a particular industry or company that you are interested in working is through informational interviews. While this particular technique is not designed for job-seeking purposes, the contacts you get may direct you to job vacancies.